Mr. Cheap over at Quest for Four Pillars has tagged me to answer the following question:

What early (i.e. before you were 10 years old) ideas did you have about money or finance that turned out to be totally (and amusingly) wrong?

I had to think about this for awhile as that was a long time ago, but having two kids I simply looked over to them to think about some of the things they have said in the past that made me laugh. Here is a conversation my son and I had awhile ago:

Parker: Daddy, I know what I want for Christmas.
Me: Oh yeah Parker, what is it?
Parker: I want one of those monster trucks that kids can drive that runs on batteries.
Me: Oh Parker, I don’t think that I have enough money to buy that!! Those cost $300 [knowing he did not quite get what $300 meant].
Parker: That’s OK Daddy, I will just ask Santa Clause to get it for me, that way you don’t have to buy it.

Oh the magic of Christmas, where expensive toys just show up out of nowhere!

Ok, my turn to tag some folks – Canadian Capitalist, The Div Guy, and Lazy Man and Money – you are it.

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November 2, 2007, 8:15 am

I wonder if your son knows more then he’s letting on and this was just a way to try to put the screws to poor old dad :-).

Great post! Thanks for continueing the meme!!!

December 1, 2007, 8:47 am

[…] In addition, I participated in a meme started by Quest for Four Pillars about my own experiences with children and money. My sons views of money I think is kinda funny! […]

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