Weekly Dividend Investing Roundup – July 12, 2008

Weekly Roundup

I have been very disconnected from the stock market world as this week my family and I are in the process of relocating to a wonderful place called Stavanger, Norway. We have spent about 8 hours in total at Ikea furnishing our home and now we get to build it all! The funny thing is that I did not get a chance to watch the market much and you know what, it didn’t really matter. It actually felt pretty good. I know my dividend investing strategy is sound and my asset allocation is in place so my portfolio can do its work, with or without me paying any attention. A good lesson learned here.

The DIV-Net

the moneygardener had a dividend milestone

Stock Market Prognosticator talked about Smart (dumb) money

A good book review for you folks looking to stop working

When doing stock analysis, Old School Value has a competitor comparison spreadsheet

Dividend Investing + Value Investing = Superior Returns according to Dividends4Life

The Dividend Investing Blog had some windy thoughts

Disciplined Approach to investing presented Walgreen’s 4% dividend increase

The ultimate value trap by Triaging My Way to Financial Success

The Carnivals

The Investing Carnival #2

The Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Financial Planning

The Posts

Time is the key to compound returns

The top online brokers for 2008

Are retail brokers stupid?

Watch out for online broker advertisements

Bad financial advice

Joy in dividends

Building wealth isn’t rocket science

Some of these trading rules apply to long term buy and holders as well

Is there safety in GE’s dividend

The Dough Rollers investment update

Divorce is a quick way to the poor house

International diversification is crucial

Asset class rotation versus no-load fund-x

Two choices for Canadian indexers

AT&T dividend analysis

The dividend I get every year is more than what I originally paid for the stock

Exxon Mobil dividend analysis

Dividend focused ETFs

All intelligent investing IS value investing

Investing tips that pay off if you are young…or old

The Articles

Picking Reliable High Dividend Stocks

Rolling 10-Year Market Return Hits 30-Year Low

Buffett holdings bitten by bear

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  2. says

    Thanks for the link.
    Great site.
    I thought I was reading about myself when reading your About page! Well except for the dividend part. Maybe myself in a couple years. Gee and I always thought I was so special.
    Hope you enjoy your new home.

    I’ll be back.

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