Weekly Dividend Investing Roundup – August 9, 2008

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the August 9th edition of The Dividend Guy round up. A lot of great posts this week, both from The Div-Net as well as around the blogosphere. I appreciate all the effort all these bloggers put into their work as each and every week I learn something new. That is really what investing is all about – continually learning the intricacies of the investment process and applying them in a methodical and meaningful way. Here are the posts I enjoyed this week.

The Div-Net

If you do one thing as an investor, ensure it has something to do with diversification for July

The Royal Bank of Scotland as a dividend play

The Dividend Aristocrats still rule

Do you invest in insurance

Dividend increases are so metal

The bulls versus the bears

Look for value in the P/B ratio

Some end of the summer reading

I own IGM – should I?

Where do you get your stock ideas from?

Look for dividends in brand leaders

The Posts

The Canadian TFSA Vs American Roth Ira

A list of top investment sites

When you were a teenager, did you know all of this?

More on diversification – crucial to your portfolio’s health

Some myths of index funds you need to get over

A list of good investment books

I love other people’s net worth reports

The market is the market!

Thanks again for reading. Please be sure to comment on any of my posts. If you have ideas for posts you would like me to cover, please feel free to email me at info [AT] thedividendguyblog [DOT] com.

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