Weekly Dividend Investing Roundup – August 30, 2008

Weekly Roundup

It feels like forever since I last did a full dividend roundup. It looks like we have our Norwegian internet connections all taken care of and I can now get online regularly. It feels good and there have been a lot of great posts in the past week, so let’s get right to it!

The DIV-Net

The only rule you need is the rule of 72

Diversify with international dividends

Make money using historical averages

Walgreen is not a good dividend candidate right now

Manipulation in the financial markets

Keep track of dividend actions

Value as an investment strategy

No matter how good Telus may be for the long term – I will never buy them because they screwed me with cancellation fees due to my recent international move – I will never be a Telus customer again

White Mountain Insurance – a thorough analysis

The Posts

I never heard of an All Weather Fund before – sounds expensive

A personal finance tale

The 4% rule

How to fix global problems

In the money options

I love portfolio updates

Employee sponsored retirement account

Dividend payouts are down, but dividends still rock

Passive income = patient income

A 15% yield

Stock performance in a recession

Why JLP has money

Dividends still matter

Millionaires in the making

Prevent investment mistakes

5 reasons to consolidate your investment accounts

6 awful truths about personal finance

Dividend dates

Why asset allocation is rarely used (note: you should use it!)

Thanks to all the authors for their good work. And thank you all for reading.

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