Weekly Dividend Investing Roundup – December 20, 2008

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the December 20, 2008 edition of The Dividend Guy’s weekly roundup of posts and articles about investing, dividend and non-dividend related. Once again a good week in terms of posts and information for all of us avid blog readers.

If you know of other blogs that are covering the topic of investing and dividends, please feel free to let us all know using the comment section below.

The DIV-Net

Arbitrage for you and me

Caution with high Return on Equity values

Nine dividend increases

Long term bonds for portfolio income

Interactive financial statements

Another bank fails

Where to invest in 2009

Dividend reinvestment plan example

On making charitable donations

The Articles

Things he learned this year

Make yourself happier (not investing related but good nonetheless)

Worry free investing

The Yale Endowment Fund lost 25%

How to save your safety deposit box

A blogger’s investment update

Defining financial goals

Diversify with commodities

Is your home an investment?

It’s called Math – how to diversify your portfolio

Many smart investors are dumb

Australian dividends are set to crash

Sector investing does not work

5 ways to improve your investing skills

McDonald’s still lovin’ it

A bit promotional, but dividend related

Thanks for reading!

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