Weekly Dividend Investing Roundup – April 11, 2009

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the April 11, 2009 edition of The Dividend Guy’s weekly roundup of posts and articles about investing, dividend and non-dividend related.

If you know of other blogs that are covering the topic of investing and dividends, please feel free to let us all know using the comment section below.

This will be a condensed version of my usual weekly roundup as I travel with my family in Paris. Happy Easter to you all.

The DIV-Net

Even Buffet isn’t perfect

First Quarter Not Kind To Dividends

Dividend Stocks in the News

Technology dividends

10 Dividend Stocks That Excelled In March

5 Interesting ETFs

Insider trading

Saving $ is fun again

Value Update

Buffett’s Berkshire Letter

The Articles

Difficult Times for Dividend Investors

The value of economists

Market Timing is Hard

Wealthy bloggers

Investing safeguards

Why does the market selloff

Which moving average to use

A portfolio update

Don’t look for approval

The Carnival of Personal Finance

Why read a prospectus

The financial services industry is THE problem

How to invest in a bear market

7 Habits of Highly Effective Billionaires

Dividend slashers and dividend growers

Thanks for reading!

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