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My portfolio had a particular strong week this week, driven primarily by one particular stock. As a result, this one holding is starting to knock on the threshold of the maximum percentage any holding should make up in my portfolio. As such, I will be looking to unload some of it in the next couple of weeks.

This week was also a pretty active week for dividend investing posts and articles on the web. Here are the ones I found particularly interesting.

Many of these are straight from member of Dividend Investing and Value Network (DIV-Net). I hope you can learn a little bit more about dividend investing from all of these articles, as I continue to do each and every week.

  • The Dividend Freeze
  • Dividend Actions In August Not Too Positive
  • Principles of Dividend Investing
  • Dividend Slashers: Where To Hide?
  • Asset Allocation Changes Coming at Terrible Time
  • Why investing in dividend paying stocks is good?
  • Dividend Investing – Few Tidbits
  • The five Ws of dividend investing
  • McDonald’s: Interesting yield?
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