Best Dividend Stock Investing Posts of the Week – April 10, 2010

I kind of like the weeks like we just had where nothing drastic happens in the market and it sort of just ticks along. When I look at my Bloomberg app on my iTouch each day, some stocks in my portfolio were up and some were down. Just like it is supposed to be, right! We need times like this to regroup, build up some cash to get ready for the next down draft, and plan our purchases based on that chosen asset allocation we have. That is exactly what I am doing.

Each week I spend some time presenting links to these information sources here in this weekly post. Here are this weeks posts – let me know if I missed any using the comments.[ad#tdg-embedded]

First off however, I want to mention the online Tax filing contest over at Money Crashers. You can win a iPad. Head over to the site a sign up. Good luck.

  • A great eBook is available free over at Classic Value Investors – check out The Basics of Understanding Financial Statements
  • S&P’s 2010 Dividend Aristocrats
  • Endangered: High-dividend stocks
  • Index Investing – Can We Use Dividend Yield?
  • O’Shaughnessy Finding Opportunities in High-Dividend-Payers
  • Shaw’s Dividend in Question
  • TSX 60 Dividend Yield and Ex Dividend Dates
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Dividend Streak
  • Top Yielding Tech Stocks
  • Three Potential Companies for Long Term Buy
  • A Peek into Warren Buffett’s Personal Portfolio
  • Karsan Value Funds: 2010 Q1 Results
  • TJX Cos. Increases Dividend 25%
  • Three Dividend Strategies to pick from
  • 5 Dividend Stocks Building Superior Long-Term Returns
  • Finding a Few Good Dividend Stocks
  • Maximizing Return & Minimizing Taxes
  • Dividend Investing is Very Much Alive
  • The Safest Dividend in the S&P
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    1. says

      Dividend guy,

      I’m adding you to my blogroll. Your ideas, suggestions and comments will stand the test of time because you’re unemotional, logical, and I get the feeling that you would prefer that the markets dropped so you could buy more shares, rather than hope that the markets rise. The power of your reinvested dividends will be more effective in a volatile market anyway, and even better in a down market, as long as you’re patient enough. Keep it going dividend guy. I’m enjoying your blog.


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