Dividend Investing eBook – How To build a Never Ending Cash Distributor

dividend investing ebookThis is a big day for me as I am launching my first eBook:

Dividend Investing

How To build a Never Ending Cash Distributor

I have announced in my newsletter that I would launch it at the end of May. We ran into a few speed bumps and I really wanted to make sure this was the most complete dividend investing eBook you can find on the internet.

Since I have created What Is a Dividend at the beginning of 2011, I have noticed how you are looking for more and more info on dividend investing. This is where the idea of creating an eBook about dividend investing came from.


Why Dividend Investing?

I have 3 simple reasons:

  • #1 Dividend Investing is Easy to Understand – A prestigious financial background is not required if you follow simple and time-tested investing principles.
  • #2 Dividend Investing is Perfect for Lazy People – Not much time is required once you learn the basic principles of how to select your stocks.
  • #3 Dividend Investing, if Done Right, equals Receiving Money Monthly! – Dividend payouts are regular.


On top of that…

Over the past 40 years, 58% of the stock market yield was produced by dividends. Dividend stocks maintain a more stable value over time (meaning less stress for investors) while producing a constant cash flow that is more than sufficient to cover the inflation rate.

dividend investing


The eBook has been written for beginner investors

It has been tested by newbie investors to make sure it is easy to understand and fun to read! Instead of blindly opening a brokerage account and chasing the next Apple stock, I suggest being realistic.  You can start by reading this book. In this Ebook you will learn just how easy it is to build your own dividend portfolio without taking on too much risk. The goal here is not to make you rich quickly.  It is to help you understand how to make money with dividend investing.


But if you are an experienced investor, you can still get some great tricks from it.

I’ve actually included a lot of hindsight information on my dividend investing process and include the resources I use (most of them are free!).


What this eBook is about?

This eBook is a friendly guide to dividend investing. It is separated into 4 chapters:

  • Chapter #1: Don’t Lose Money Investing – Instead Learn to Make Money
  • Chapter #2: Looking at the Engine of Your Never Ending Money Distributor – Build Your Core Portfolio With Dividend Stocks
  • Chapter #3: Baby Steps Guide to Start Investing
  • Chapter #4: Tools of the Trades – The Complete List of Dividend Resources


Dividend Investing – How To build a Never Ending Cash Distributor is Free!

I have written what I consider to be a solid guide to dividend investing that is easily understood by mere mortals. I am offering this book for free and without any obligation from you. I am doing it for free because I believe it’s the best way to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

Feel free to share the content (entirely and not modified) with your friends. Send this eBook to as many people as you know. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that you thought about them. Teaching how to invest is like teaching a man how to fish; you can feed him for a lifetime.













Let me know what you liked about the book in the comments!

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  1. says

    Great job on your first ebook!

    I downloaded it and I have to say, it’s very sleek, professional, and well put together.

    I’ll be sure to include this post on my weekend Best of the Blogs!

    All the best,


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