Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Dividend Investor?

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We all want to make money and we all think that we can do it through investing. In fact, we are not far from the truth as there is a lot of money to be done through investing. However, it doesn’t mean that dividend investing is good for you because you like receiving your dividend payouts on a monthly basis. Everybody can pick up a few dividend stocks and watch wait. But building a successful dividend portfolio for a while is something else. Today, I offer you a nice survey you can do in order to know if you are made for dividend investing!

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How many trades do you do in a quarter?
0 or 1
2 to 5
6 to 10
I trade until there is smoke coming from my computer

How much time do you spend on your portfolio? (not just watching it ;-))
1 to 5 hours per week
1 to 5 hours per month
1 to 5 hours per quarter
Time? What do you mean? I just pick up the hot stocks featured in my favorite newsletter

What are you looking for in your portfolio?
A steady income
Beating the market with a moderate approach
Capital gain baby, CAPITAL GAIN!

How long do you wait until you sell a stock?
I sell them and go into cash when the market is doing bad, limiting my loss.
I follow each of my stocks and drop them when their fundamentals or financials ratio don’t meet my requirements
I sell my stocks once I have made X% with them
I keep my stocks forever

Do you like reading company financial statements?
I love it, I read them on Sunday morning with my coffee
I don’t read financial statements but I get my information from other sources (financial websites, blogs, newsletter, books, etc)
I read some of them but I try to keep my analysis down to the ratios and fundamentals
Financial what? I told you, my newsletter is the only thing I need!

How passionate are you about finance & investing?
I follow the market on a weekly basis and read financial news
I talk about it all the time
I’m more interested in using my money than reading about it
I ask questions to my financial advisor during my portfolio review

What do you prefer among the following from a company?
Steady dividend growth in mature markets
Innovation, creativity and potential
High dividend yield
Huge growth in stock value for the past 3 years

What is your investment knowledge level?
I could do investment advisor/trader as a job

What do you look for to diversify your dividend portfolio?
Industry Diversification, I like investing in several sectors
Growth Diversification, I’m looking for high returns
Geographic diversification, because they are interesting stocks in US and Canadian market
Diversification?! I don’t care as long as I make money

When Your Significant Other Asks For A New $1000 Gadget/Dress/Etc, What do you do?
I say yes, I found out a long time ago about choosing my battles
I say yes but think about the dividends that I could get for decades if I didn’t
I try to explain how waiting a bit longer would boost your dividend income for years
I say no, just saying it’s too complicated to explain

When A Stock That you Own Increases or Decreases Its Dividend, How Do You Find Out?
By subscribing to the best dividend newsletters such as The Dividend Guy Blog
I have a news feed setup for the stocks that I own
I might get lucky and notice the difference in my broker statements
As much as I would like to, my limited time means I will likely find out months laters

Now, a few questions for my own stats ;-D

Where are you from ?

What Is Your Favorite Dividend Blog?
The Dividend Guy Blog
Dividend Growth Investor
Dividend Monk
Dividend Ninja

What Is Your Name?

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Please fill out your personal information and answer all the quiz questions !

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  1. RICHARD says

    Hey Mike. If the missus is paying for it with her own money who am I to say no? A battle I would prefer to stay away from at any rate unless I enjoy the couch LOL

  2. RICHARD says

    Holly Smolly Mike. I went from a ludite to not quite an expert (which I am far from). That dress question is still a loaded shotgun Mike. What do you think I am going to answer while she is looking over my shoulder and the feel of gun metal next to my ear. Now I have to go buy that dress with her. LOL That time of the year Mike.

    Always appreciate your blog

  3. says

    I’m not a fan of this quiz. I think you may have missed the mark on this one. Unless someone receives a sparkling score, I think alot of people will be offended by your comments upon completion. I know it’s left a sour taste in my mouth (and this is after you supposedly fixed the quiz). I take pride in how much research and reading I do on investing. I’m sure I won’t be the only one offended by your quiz, considering most people reading this blog are studied investors.

  4. John says

    From just out of the cave to 8 times better … seems I have more work to do than I thought …. not sure of the surveys perameters and relevance … fun thing to do and some thought went into the answers

  5. John Adams says

    This score reflected much more closely how I view myself and my skills or lack thereof. Always willing to learn.

  6. says

    I took the quiz and will link to it. Fun stuff. (I picked myself for favorite blog; that question caught me off guard! That’s the only question I didn’t like, since I like so many dividend blogs!)

  7. Sy says

    Pretty disappointed with the analysis/calculation of my answers, not just because it’s filled with grammatical and tense errors, but that my “lack of discipline to become a successful dividend investor” was basically all I heard and that’s a million miles from the truth.

    Thanks for the exercise tho.

  8. says

    Hey Mike,

    Apologies for arriving late to the party, I’ve obvioulsly been away from blog-ville this week. First of all, I really appreciate you including the Ninja as a “Favourite Dividend Blog”. Really appreciated man!

    I took the survey but didn’t get any results? Hmmm I’ll try it again :) Hopefully I’m a somewhat competent dividend investor LOL.

    That leads to my next point, this survey was fun. I think people are taking the quiz far too seriously… come on folks, its all for good fun and general interest.

    Will you be publishing the survery results in another post ?

    Cheers and thanx again
    The Dividend Ninja


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