Dividend Growth Update Q2

Dividend Growth Index Q2 Update


In September 2011, a group of 8 bloggers started the Dividend Growth Index. We picked three stocks each to create a Dividend Growth Portfolio. The goal is not to do a stock picking competition but to build a real dividend portfolio in order to give you ideas of what it look like overtime. We are all allowed to make trades but are less likely to make several of them. The purpose is to benefit from dividend increase throughout the years. We post updates on the stock we follow so you can follow them too.


Before I start with my picks, I would like to introduce Susan Brunner as a new participant in the Dividend Growth Index. Unfortunately, Wealthy Canadian had stopped his blogging activities and we have replaced him by Susan’s pick. In order for you to follow our portfolio, we have considered “selling” Wealthy Canadian positions on June 30th and buy Susan’s on the same date.


Intel – INTC


The ride has been on a uptrend for INTC since August 2011. Strong results, dividend raise and new partnerships in the smartphone and tablet industries; everything is set for another successful year. Over the past 12 months, INTC has regularly beaten analysts’ forecast which is also good news. Back in May 2012, INTC announced another dividend increase by 7% to $0.225 per share quarterly or $0.90/share annually. The only shade over Intel is the EU antitrust fine of $1.4 billion currently disputed. New hearing will occur in July. It’s costly to be the leader in your industry!

For those who are interested, here’s my INTC stock analysis.

Coca-Cola – KO


KO recently announced that they would increase their investment in India $3 billion. They are aggressively developing emerging markets (after announcing previously a $3 billion investment to develop Russian markets). This is obviously a good strategy as those countries are still “discovering” this tasty beverage. This is also part of the ongoing market share battles with its competitors such as Pepsi Co.  KO has been meeting or exceeding most analysts forecast for the past twelve months as well.

You can read more about this stock in my KO stock analysis.

National Bank – NA


National Bank stocks have lost its early gains as the Canadian stock market is showing a negative return since January 2012. They have beaten analyst’s forecasts for the last quarter and increased their dividend again. They also started a stock repurchase program. They have recently been awarded to be the 5th world most solid bank in term of assets by Bloomberg. Not to say that I’m not too worried about this pick ;-).

National Bank was selected in my 2012 Best Dividend Stocks free eBook (click here to download it).


Dividend Growth Index Update


When I look at my 3 picks, I’m pretty happy to do better than the stock market. Now it’s time to look at the overall portfolio. You can click on each participants name at the end of the chart to read updates on their stocks.

Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Mantra

Dividend Monk

Dividend Ninja

My Own Advisor

Passive Income Earner

Susan Brunner


BloggerStock#Shares30-septValue #Shares-31DecPriceValue#Shares-31MarchNew Price Value#Shares-June 29New PriceValue Inception ReturnYTD Return 
My Own AdvisorABT US Equity19,5551,14$999,7919,7293235256,72$1 119,0519,90$61,29$1 219,6820,07$64,47$1 293,93US29,42%15,63%US
BNS CN Equity18,9752,721000,119,1657999251,59988,7619,35$55,88$1 081,5319,56$52,74$1 031,54CN3,14%4,33%CN
CLC CN Equity106,389,4$999,97108,44070129,711052,96110,40$10,60$1 170,29112,4803579$9,60$1 079,81CN7,98%2,55%CN
The Dividend Guy BlogINTC US Equity46,8721 335$999,9747,2767231424,541160,1747,65$28,12$1 339,6248,00$26,65$1 279,15US27,92%10,26%US
KO US Equity14,867,56$999,8914,905091470,141045,4415,01$74,01$1 111,1315,12$78,19$1 181,90US18,20%13,05%US
NA CN Equity14,3169,891000,1314,459041873,121057,2514,59$79,37$1 158,3514,75$72,77$1 073,67CN7,35%1,55%CN
The Dividend MonkETE US Equity28,7534,78$999,9329,2444620340,541185,5729,67$40,30$1 195,8730,12$41,02$1 235,59US23,57%4,22%US
NVS US Equity17,9355,77$999,9617,9358,181043,1719,26$55,41$1 067,1319,26$55,90$1 076,57US7,66%3,20%US
WMT US Equity19,2751,91000,1119,3902110860,331169,8119,52$61,20$1 194,5719,65$69,72$1 370,04US36,99%17,12%US
Dividend NinjaHSE CN Equity44,0722,69$999,9544,6299745924,871109,9545,14$25,38$1 145,7145,73$25,45$1 163,86CN16,39%4,86%CN
PEP US Equity16,1601-mars1000,316,290037566,41081,6616,42$66,35$1 089,6916,55$70,66$1 169,62US16,93%8,13%US
SPLS US Equity75,1913,31000,0375,7247795214,2151076,4376,23$16,19$1 234,0976,87$13,05$1 003,14US0,31%-6,81%US
Passive Income EarnerCNR CN Equity14,2870,031000,0314,338776679,711142,9414,41$79,27$1 142,3214,48$86,10$1 246,34CN24,63%9,05%CN
CNQ CN Equity32,530,771000,0332,5835475639,861298,7832,68$33,06$1 080,5132,81$27,31$896,04CN-10,40%-31,01%CN
AFL US Equity28,6134,95$999,9228,823073844,881293,5829,02$45,99$1 334,5229,24$42,59$1 245,40US24,55%-3,72%US
Wealthy CanadianRY CN Equity20,8148,061000,1321,0437229652,821111,5321,25$57,81$1 228,7521,47$52,16$1 119,84CN11,97%0,75%CN
FTS CN Equity188.68***5.3***100055,7228752833,181848,8956,23$32,27$1 814,4156,73$32,29$1 831,85CN83,19%-0,92%CN
BIN CN Equity46,3621,57$999,9946,6552114119,8923,7746,96$21,67$1 017,5747,30$19,29$912,35CN-8,76%-1,24%CN
Dividend MantraCOP US Equity15,7963,32$999,8215,9454504874,171182,6716,09$76,01$1 223,0021,02$55,88$1 174,68US17,49%-0,68%US
PM US Equity16,0362,38$999,9516,1909269978,591272,4416,33$88,61$1 447,3016,48$87,26$1 438,32US43,84%13,04%US
PG US Equity15,8363,181000,1415,9579561266,831066,4716,08$67,21$1 081,0616,22$61,25$993,47US-0,67%-6,84%US
DividendGrowth InvestorCVX US Equity10,892,59$999,9710,886571110,371201,5510,97$107,21$1 176,1511,07$105,50$1 167,80US16,78%-2,81%US
MCD US Equity11,3987,821000,2711,4753092298,841134,2211,56$98,10$1 133,6311,65$88,53$1 031,06US3,08%-9,10%US
EPD US Equity24,9140,151000,1425,2494299246,671178,3925,58$50,47$1 290,7825,89$51,24$1 326,47US32,63%12,57%US
24000,52$27 745,45$28 977,68$28 342,4418,09%2,15%


Note : The main drag comes from CNQ which is down over 30% unfortunately.

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