Dividend Link Roundup

Let’s jump right into the links today!

1. Why am I obsessed with dividend growth stocks? @ DGI.

2. How You Can Finally Raise Your Rates @ SFN.

3. The Easiest Way To Find Great Companies To Invest In @ The College Investor.

4. 5 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold, Not Buy And Forget @ DGS.

5. Using Dividend ETF’s For Foreign Stocks? @ IS.

6. Selling In Vancouver @ Barel Karsan.

7. October Blog Evo Report @ TFB.

8. Your retirement account options @ Retire by 40.

9. Recent Buy: McDonalds (MCD) and Coca Cola (KO) @ Dividend Ninja.

10. The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #55

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  1. Michel says

    Thanks Mike. I’m always amazed at how we have very few canadian dividend articles, and that most of this weekly roundup is about US stocks or ETFs. Thank god we have yours and a few others. My interest is by far cdn stocks. Just saying. Have a great weekend.

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