Dividend Roundup Challenge

I’d like to share a special mention to Dividend Monk and his explanation of the Fiscal Cliff.

Time for the links:

1. Meredith Corp. (MDP) Dividend Stock Analysis @ DGS.

2. Our Bid for Financial Freedom by Age 50 @ Invest It Wisely.

3. How-to Snag Freelance Writing Work Today @ SFN.

4. So What Happened On Facebook ($FB) Yesterday? And Other Tech Stock Thoughts @ IS.

5. Dividend Growth Strategy for Retirement Income @ DGI.

6. Dorel: Worth The Wait @ Barel Karsan.

7. Why You Should Start Investing Now! @ Dividend Ninja.

8. Why Tax Rates Matter To Dividend Investors @ DSA.

9. Why You Should Earn a Degree That Actually Pays @ The Financial Blogger.

10. If you have 10 years before retirement @ Retire by 40.

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