Christmas Season Roundup

Hello everyone! By the time you read this it might be already December. You know what that means, right? It’s getting closer to the Christmas season. Time to grab those gifts!

For now, let’s look at some links.

1. The Promise of Low Volatility @ Canadian Couch Potato.

2. Financial Freedom: The Accelerated Version @ Dividend Monk.

3. Intel Corporation (INTC) Dividend Stock Analysis @ DGS.

4. Intel gave me a surprise farewell gift! @ Retire by 40.

5. Facebook ($FB)… Sorry To Say But I Told You So? @ IS.

6. Best Home Renovations-Money Wasted or Money Invested? @ Canadian Budget Binder.

7. Investing in Social Networking Stocks @ Money Mamba.

8.  Some harsh realities of investing @ Retire Happy.

9. Should You Try Dividend Capturing? @ Financial Uproar.

10. Carnival of Personal Finance #389 – The Cyber Monday Edition.

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