Best 2012 Dividend Stock Results Trailing One Index by 1.47% and Killing the Other By 8.32%



Back at the beginning of 2012, I made 29 dividend growth stock picks for the year claiming that they would outperform the market (here’s the list of the Best 2012 Dividend Stocks). Although I’m publishing this article on December 31st, results are as of December 10th at closing. The difference shouldn’t be too important.


I selected 20 US stocks and 9 Canadian stocks. Each portfolio has been treated separately to compare them against a major Dividend ETF. For the US market, I selected the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Dividend ETF (VIG) and for the Canadian market, I made the comparison against the iShares Down Jones Canadian Dividend ETF (XDV).


I calculated the portfolio value and considered the dividend payout received. I attributed the virtual value of $1,000 per stock for a total portfolio of $20,0000 US and $9,000 Canadian. The overall results are showing the combination of both growth from dividend payouts and capital appreciation/loss.


US Stocks


Portfolio Value as at December 10th: $21,651.49

Portfolio Yield (on Cost of Purchase): 4.11%

Total Dividend Payouts Received: $821.86

Total Investment Return: 12.37%


Portfolio Value 100% invested in VIG as at December 10th: $22,241.95

Portfolio Yield (on Cost of Purchase): 2.63%

Total Dividend Payouts Received: $525.34

Total Investment Return: 13.84%


Company NameTickerPriceSharesAmountDividend Per ShareDividend ReceivedDec 10thStock % YTDCurrent Value
Avon ProductsAVP$16,9958,86$1 000,00$0,75$44,14$14,42-15,13%$848,73
AT&TT$30,2433,07$1 000,00$1,76$58,20$33,7311,54%$1 115,41
Black RockBLK$178,075,62$1 000,00$6,00$33,69$195,729,91%$1 099,12
ChevronCVX$106,419,40$1 000,00$3,51$32,99$106,960,52%$1 005,17
Conoco PhillipsCOP$53,8418,57$1 000,00$2,64$49,03$57,887,50%$1 075,04
Flowers FoodFLO$18,9852,69$1 000,00$0,63$33,19$23,6424,55%$1 245,52
GarminGRMN$39,0025,64$1 000,00$1,75$44,87$42,168,10%$1 081,03
General MillsGIS$40,0124,99$1 000,00$1,28$31,99$41,002,47%$1 024,74
HasbroHAS$31,0132,25$1 000,00$1,38$44,50$37,6021,25%$1 212,51
Harris CorpHRS$36,0427,75$1 000,00$1,40$38,85$49,0236,02%$1 360,16
IntelINTC$24,2241,29$1 000,00$0,88$36,33$20,08-17,09%$829,07
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ$65,0015,38$1 000,00$3,01$46,31$70,608,62%$1 086,15
Lockheed MartinLMT$79,9812,50$1 000,00$4,15$51,89$92,4115,54%$1 155,41
MicrosoftMSFT$24,9840,03$1 000,00$0,83$33,23$26,947,85%$1 078,46
PepsiCoPEP$66,0415,14$1 000,00$2,14$32,40$70,216,31%$1 063,14
RadioShackRSH$9,71102,99$1 000,00$0,26$26,78$1,97-79,71%$202,88
Seagate TechnologySTX$16,3961,01$1 000,00$1,14$69,55$28,9176,39%$1 763,88
Sunoco Logistics PartnersSXL$38,9425,68$1 000,00$1,37$35,18$48,6724,99%$1 249,87
Wisconsin EnergyWEC$33,9729,44$1 000,00$1,20$35,33$37,5710,60%$1 105,98
Waste ManagementWM$32,7230,56$1 000,00$1,42$43,40$34,334,92%$1 049,21
$20 000,00$821,868,26%$21 651,49
Dividend Yield (%)4,11%Total $$22 473,35
Vanguard App Div ETFVIG$54,06369,96$20 000,00$1,42$525,34$60,1211,21%$22 241,95
Dividend Yield (%)2,63%Total $$22 767,30


Performance Compared to the Index: -1.47%


Trailing the index is not really a good thing when you are trying to put together the “best dividend stock portfolio for 2012”. What sucks is that I show this performance due to a single stock: RadioShack (RSH). I know, you were many to tell me that it was a dead horse and that it shouldn’t be part of my book. I was looking too much at the past numbers and not enough at the future. To be honest, RSH had shown strong financial metrics for the past 5 years… until everything went sour at the beginning of 2012 and the company even cancelled its dividend.


If I take this stock out of my virtual portfolio, I show a total investment return of 17.07% or 3.23% better than the index. This shows you the high importance of avoiding the big miss when building your dividend portfolio!


Besides my overall performance, I’m also happy about the dividend yield provided by this portfolio. At 4.11% compared to the ETF at 2.63%, this dividend portfolio is clearly producing higher revenue. I’ll just have to make sure to avoid the big miss in my 2013 edition and I will beat the index next year!


Canadian Stocks

Portfolio Value as at December 10th: $9,910.99

Portfolio Yield (on Cost of Purchase): 4.57%

Total Dividend Payouts Received: $411.54

Total Investment Return: 14.69%


Portfolio Value 100% invested in XDV as at December 10th: $9,179.47

Portfolio Yield (on Cost of Purchase): 4.38%

Total Dividend Payouts Received: $393.97

Total Investment Return: 6.37%


Company NameTickerPriceSharesAmountDividend Per ShareDividend ReceivedDec 10thStock % YTDCurrent Value
BCEBCE$42,4723,55$1 000,00$2,22$52,27$42,820,82%$1 008,24
Corus EntertainmentCRJ.B$20,0050,00$1 000,00$0,96$48,00$23,9219,60%$1 196,00
GamehostGH$11,3388,26$1 000,00$0,84$74,14$12,7512,53%$1 125,33
IGM FinancialsIGM$44,2322,61$1 000,00$2,16$48,84$40,98-7,35%$926,52
Leon\'s FurnitureLNF$12,4080,65$1 000,00$0,40$32,26$12,772,98%$1 029,84
Magna InternationalMG$33,9729,44$1 000,00$1,12$32,97$47,1938,92%$1 389,17
National of CanadaNA$71,9813,89$1 000,00$3,12$43,35$77,006,97%$1 069,74
TelusT$57,6317,35$1 000,00$2,41$41,82$64,1911,38%$1 113,83
TD BankTD$76,2613,11$1 000,00$2,89$37,90$80,255,23%$1 052,32
$9 000,00$411,5410,12%$9 910,99
Dividend Yield (%)4,57%Total$10 322,53
iShares Dow Jones Cdn DivXDV$20,56437,74$9 000,00$0,90$393,97$20,971,99%$9 179,47
Dividend Yield (%)4,38%Total$9 573,44


Performance Compared to the Index: +8.32%


My performance in “my own” market is very good and I’m very proud of it! Out of 9 stocks, I have only one showing a negative return over 2012. I have 4 stocks showing a double digit growth (5 if you add dividend payout!). The overall portfolio is paying a healthy 4.57% dividend yield.


While I admit that I have been lucky with MG soaring by 38.92%, my other picks were solid too as I would still beat the index without that pick (total return of 11.25% vs 6.37% for the index). Now I’m building some pressure for 2013 edition! Hahaha!


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