Holiday Weekend Roundup

Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend across the border. All the best from The Dividend Guy Blog.

Time for some links:

1. The Benefits of Short-Term Borrowing @ MJTM.

2. Five essentials to be a better investor @ My Own Advisor.

3. Notable Dividend Increases: June 2013 @ DGSI.

4. Top Dividend Funds of 2013 @ Dividend Ladder.

5. Meredith Corp. (MDP) Dividend Stock Analysis @ DGS.

6. Why Gold Bugs Are Resilient @ The Dividend Pig.

7. Dividend Stocks vs Dividend ETF’s – The Debate About Fees @ IS.

8. The Great Rebalancing @ Barel Karsan.

9. Freedom Fund Update – July 2013 @ Dividend Mantra.

10. Carnival of Personal Finance #420 : Multiple Blogs Edition.

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