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As I wasn’t busy enough, I’ve decided to launch another blog! I added a free blog section to my dividend investing platform Dividend Stocks Rock. What’s the difference between The Dividend Guy Blog and DSR Blog? The length! I was looking for a place where I could write in-depth articles (about 2,000 words each). Check out my first one: My Dividend Growth Model Fully Explained


Here what is interesting to read this Weekend:


Top Canadian Dividend ETFs listed at My Own Advisor

Why Dividend Growth Investor doesn’t do discounted cash flow analysis on dividend stocks.

Dividend Mantra’s 2 stocks on his watch list (I like BAX!)

Dividend Growth Investing provides you with his dividend investing plan.

Why Verizon is better than AT&T @ Dividends4Life

Combat inflation with Dividend Stocks @ Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement

The Danger with the 4% withdrawal rule @ Passive Income Earner


Dividend Stocks Analysis


Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) @ Dividend Ladder

Becton, Dickinson & Co (BDX) @ Dividend Growth Stocks

Cracker Barrel  Old Country Store (CBRL) @ Passive Income Pursuit

Nextera Energy (NEE) @ Dividend Engineer

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