Dividend Reads for the Weekend

To be honest, I don’t remember when a month went by that fast. I know…. we all keep saying time flies, but this time, it just seems worst! In May, I achieved several milestones:

We put our house for sale

We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary + 18 years together

My wife turned 35

I setup my RV ready for my first small trip (in two weeks!!!)

I started my 7th year as a soccer coach

I organized a golf tournament to build a synthetic soccer field at my children school (you can see the link here!)

I participated in another golf tournament organization that is giving $45K to children in our community each year

I had my “offsite” with my partner discussing the future of our online business.

… seriously… do I need to tell you I’ burnt? But here I am, working until midnight last night to publish this post (and while you are reading this, I’m awake since 6:30am to work on my stuff again!). This is a crazy life, but it’s worth living it! These days, my favorite quote is…

Set some goals, then DEMOLISH THEM

Pretty cool isn’t?

I wrote a few articles this week:

Investment Bias 101 – a cool list of examples of how emotions take control of your portfolio

Find out why the best news around why US consumers don’t spend their money!

Verizon: Juicy Dividend, Can It Unlock The Value From AOL?

I was also mentioned among other great bloggers by Dividend Reference as a Top 10 Dividend Expert (woah… that’s cool!)

Here’s a list of what else was great to read this week:

Interesting Reads:

DivHut reviews all good companies from the bad food industry (read fast food J ). I sold my position on MCD not so long ago because I don’t believe much in this market over the long haul. However, mid-term perspectives are looking good for those who sell French fries.

Dividend Engineering tells you how to become an outstanding dividend investor. I met someone very smart this week who told me a great lesson:

It’s simple to lose weight; eat less and workout. I said it was simple, not easy.

DE gives you very simple tricks to become an outstanding investor, simple tricks, not easy tricks.

Pollies Dividend explained the concept of compounding interest to a friend. One day, I think I will go in politics just to add this concept in every single class of math kids will have in school!

More on that; Dividend Growth Investor also talks about compounding interest and other investing principles. I think we never read enough articles about this concept, but my favorite one was his 2nd principles; the US market always goes up. That has been proven by… 200 years of history!

Dividend Ladder reviews Franklin Resources (BEN); the new financial star among dividend bloggers. I read 3 articles on BEN in the past month. The company looks strong, but the fact that it appears on everybody’s radar scares me a little. What do you think?

Dividend Mantra makes his monthly stock watch list. I like Apple (yeah… I know, you already know! hahaha!) but I also like Starbucks from his list (can’t deny the best coffee in the world, right?).

Income Surfer wrote a very interesting article on life; how we live it and how it’s a game of trade off. I notice that almost everyone is not fully satisfied with their life. I’m happy to be young and understood something fundamental about life; it’s too short to not do what you want to. So just do it 😉

Dividend Earner explains how to manage your employer’s stocks. Personally, I wish I had been given options a few years ago!


And a Special Mention To…

Two Investing sharing with us 20 life lessons from 80 years old investor and vice chairman of Blackstone Advisory Partners, Byron Wien. Here are a few of my favorite lines form this article:

Network intensely. Luck plays a big role in life, and there is no better way to increase your luck than by knowing as many people as possible;

Have a point of view before you start a book or article and see if what you think is confirmed or refuted by the author;

Evolve. Try to think of your life in phases so you can avoid a burn-out. Do the numbers crunching in the early phase of your career;

Travel extensively. Attempt to meet local interesting people where you travel and keep in contact with them throughout your life.

The hard way is always the right way.


All right, enough with words of wisdom and enjoy your weekend! My soccer team enters a soccer tournament tomorrow, we just won our last game, the team is pumped up (and so are the coaches! Hahaha!).

Enjoy life, intensively!