• Yahoo! This is my last day at work! We rented a vacation property for next week and we are leaving tomorrow! It will be a great timing for me as the past two months have been quite busy! We built monthly dividend portfolios for our membership sites (more on that later on) and we also bought another site (more on that also later on ;-) ). But for now, let’s take a look at what you should read this weekend:


    From The Dividend Guy Blog:

    I wrote two articles this week. The first one was more about a personal topic; I did my “financial freedom chronology” to illustrate how you can go from one end of the spectrum to another with a few different choices.

    The second article is a review of 4 stocks to hold in your portfolio. I hold two of them already and one of them is a true gem, I’ll let you discover it!

    Interesting reads:

    Writing your Own Reality is following up on my questions! He clearly explains how he intends to achieve his aggressive goals in 2015. I really connected to this post as I’m in  a similar situation with kick-ass goals to reach and a solid plan to make them happen.

    DivHut looks at the waste management industry. It’s not really my cup of tea as growth potential doesn’t seem incredible but as Div Hut mentioned, it is clearly a recession proof industry.

    Deere & Company stock analysis at My Dividend Growth. I really like Caterpillar (CAT) for about the same reason I could like DE. If you are looking at a strong company selling high quality product, DE should be on your watch list.

    Dividend Yield presents 3 unbelievable dividend champions. From the list, I would consider T. Rowe Price Group (TROW) even though the yield is not super impressive (2.09%).

    Passive Income Earner published the Canadian Aristocrats List. It’s a great start to pick strong dividend stocks. However, be careful; they are not all-star dividend growth stocks.

    Sure Dividend looks at IBM 4 years after Buffett’s investment.  IBM has greatly underperformed the market since Berkshire Hathaway purchased 11G$ of shares in November 2011. IBM is -14.15% and the S&P 500 is up by 67.01%. A proof you are not always right, even when your name is Buffett!

    On a more philosophic trend, Dividend Mantra talks about freedom. I like those posts as they are situated at the complete opposite of my own perception of freedom. Therefore, it helps opening my mind to other opinions. I think we should all listen to others to open our mind.

    As the FED will surely increase its rate toward the end of 2015, Dividend Ladder explains what happens to dividend stocks when the interest rate rises. In short; rising rates equals stronger economy. Can it be bad for your portfolio?

    Pollies Dividend answers another interesting section about the impact of a strong US dollar on his portfolio. I personally like when the US dollar rises as 65% of my portfolio is invested in US stocks! Hehehe.

    A Special Mention too…

    Dividend engineering writes about his buying process in 4 steps. You can’t expect less from an engineer, right? Hahaha! More seriously, I think this is a topic that is not enough cover by dividend bloggers. We all talk about our recent purchase or make individual stock analysis. Rarely, we put the focus on how to manage a complete portfolio and when or why we buy a stock. I’ll never repeat it enough; you must have a clear and defined investing process. This is the only way you can make money over time with the market!


    That’s it for this week!

    I’ll hit a well-deserved one week vacation but I have post scheduled next week. However, I won’t publish dividend reads next Friday.


    Enjoy the weekend!



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    It was a very good week for me so far. I kept my 2015 resolutions going for almost two months now. I now weight 182 lbs (from 198lbs as at January 1st). I work out 4 times a week and never take a break. My account still shows a solid 9.68%, getting closer to the double digit return already! I’m pretty happy as my two benchmark (VIG for US stocks and XDV for Canadian stocks) are showing respectively +1.53% and -0.64% so far.

    It was also a great week for my sites as I published a guest post on Boomer & Echo called 3 False Reasons NOT to Buy a Stock. There are so many reasons why an investor will ignore a company, but some of them are wrong.

    I also got mentioned by Sure Dividend in his list of Dividend Investing Resources. If you have missed any of the sites he mentioned, click on the link right away!

    Finally, I wrote a MONSTER post about how to build a dividend growth portfolio. I’m sharing my perspective on dividend growth investing and how I build my own portfolio with success.


    Other Dividend Reads

    Be prepared, it’s a busy week!

    Lanny from Dividend Diplomats is sharing her anxiety to buy new stocks. I know the feeling as when I have cash in my investing account, it burns my hand and I have to make a purchase. However, I usually keep a list of 5-6 interesting buys to make sure I don’t burn myself in a stupid trade just for the sake of trading.

    Now, we are moving from anxiety to regrets! Div Hut name regret as its main motivator to achieve his goals. The fear of having regret can help you taking action. I personally think it is best to assume your action and never have regrets. My secret is simple; don’t hesitate to take action; you will never regret what you did, only what you didn’t do.

    Dividend Engineering reviews Baxter International (BAX). I don’t hold BAX in my personal portfolio, but I selected it for several DSR portfolios. It is a strong company with great upside.

    Write your Own Reality bought EMR & JNJ. I’m a big fan of JNJ and I would buy more today if I could. This is one company every dividend investor should hold in their core portfolio.

    DivGro bought Starwood Property. It shows a very high yield (8%), but I’m always sceptical about those high yield dividend stocks.

    Dividend Growth Investor ask a very important question: What would happen to Berkshire Hathaway after Warren Buffett is gone? Many investors thought Microsoft was Bill Gates or that Apple was Steve Jobs. So far, they were wrong… probably Berkshire Hathaway will survive too!

    Dividend Earner makes a list of common investing mistakes to avoid. My favorite is “not understanding what you invest in”. Too many investors buy stocks because they heard of them on the news or from a friend.

    Dividend Life buys PG and WPPGY. I always liked PG and always thought it was too pricey… and I simply watch the train go buy and never purchased it while the stock keeps going higher… oh well!

    Dividend Yield makes a list of 19 high yield dividend stocks. Is it time to buy AT&T?

    Dividend Ladder looks at British Petroleum. It’s definitely time to buy energy stock.

    A Special Mention to…

    Robert aka The Dividend Dreamer for his interesting trading strategy. You have to start reading toward the middle of the post as he updated the same post with more trades. He basically buys stocks he intends to hold for a while, but quickly trade out if there is a buck to make. His goal? Reaching 1% return on each trade ASAP. I think it’s worth reading because it is completely different from many other investors since he is doing it on dividend stocks.


    We are painting our bathroom this weekend and having a poker. The house will shortly be ready to be put on sale (we put the house for sale in May to have 12 months before our departure to sell it). What are you going to do during your weekend?

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    It was a great week for me on the market as oil price went up and so did Black Diamond Group (BDI.TO +17%)) and Helmerich & Payne (HP +10%). Over the past 5 days, it was a great week for many other stocks I hold:

    DIS +13.89%

    BNS.TO +8.94%

    AAPL +7.90%

    NA.TO +7.78%

    GS.TO +6.68%

    LMT +4.84%

    I’m now +9.61% since January 1st. This is probably my best start in investing since I started! Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the year and many things could happen until December 31st!


    This week, I’ve explained how I picked 30 stocks to beat the market in 2015 (and how I usually make it since 2012!) and I made a list of 10 high dividend yield energy stock to buy right now.


    Here’s what’s interesting to read this weekend:


    Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement made a list of 14 Canadian dividend stocks with high earnings growth. There were several stocks that have never been on my radar (Home Capital Group for example). This is an interesting list, I hope he goes beyond the numbers in another post!

    Sure Dividend Covers Wal-Mart. I like this stock and I think I will hold it forever.

    Conservative Income Investor tells you how it is important to look further ahead to avoid stupid move. In other words; you are better off buying sound companies paying a low dividend yield (between 1 and 4%) that will increase their dividend each year than trying to high dividend yield right away. If you are not convinced, I think you should read my case against high dividend yield stocks.

    Dividend Ladder reviews Aflac. Once the yield passes 3%, it will become very interesting. With a low PE ratio, Aflac could be a good addition to a long term investor portfolio.

    DivGro bought one of my favorite stock: DISNEY! I know, you will tell me the yield is ridiculously low for a dividend investor (usually paying only 1%). BUT the growth potential is impressive. Now that the US economy is bouncing back for good, results will only go higher.

    DivHut takes a good look at the gambling industry. Some companies pay very nice yield and looks good. Casinos are not my cup of tea… maybe this has to do with the fact that they refused me when I was 17… go figure! Hahaha!

    Dividend Growth Investor asks a fundamental question: Will the dividend grow? If there is one question you much ask yourself before buying any company it is that one. Find ways for the company you look at to increase their earnings and this is how the dividend will grow.

    Boomer & Echo makes a review of new tax credits for Canadians. This is election year in Canada, always a great moment for Canadian to make a few buck on “gifts” from the current Government. I can’t complain; they aim to give more money to family… I have 3 kids!

    A special mention to….


    If you have one article to read this weekend, read Freedom exists on a Spectrum by Dividend Mantra. He took the time to write a great piece relating to the different stage of freedom reached during his journey to 100% financial freedom. This is a great inspiration for anyone who’s not too sure where they should go with their personal finance.

    I’m off tonight with my wife for our St-Valentine’s Day supper and I’ll spend my Sunday on the indoor soccer field coach my son. This will be a great weekend!


    Enjoy yours,






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