• Wow! What a week! (again!). This week I officially bought The Dividend Monk (you can read the full story here). I started to work on this acquisition in January, I’m very happy the deal is closed can I can move forward. I have set monthly income goals for my websites in order to be able to leave next year around America. After three months, my results are in line with my projections. I hope this purchase will increase my passive income and confirm that I will be financially free in 2016.

    In the meantime, I’m still working 2 evenings per week + 1 full day on my blogs (this is why I can do so much lately!). I intend to keep up with this pace until I leave. Therefore, I have about 14 months of hard work in front of me. During those hard days of work, I always take a few minutes to read articles across the web.


    What to read for the weekend:

    Boomer & Echo talks about the very first account you should open when you start saving: your kid’s account! I’m the first one to be late on this topic (I opened my RESP account for my kids when I had my third one only!), but over the past three years, I’ve put closed to 10K (9.9K to be exact) and I have another $1,000 for my godson (I want to make sure my kids’ cousin go to school too!).

    Dividend Growth Investors explains why stock charts are misleading. Here’s my favorite quote from this article: “It won’t matter whether Johnson & Johnson is selling at a 52 week high, or 52 week low.” I never thought stock price mattered when it comes down to buying the right stock.

    Dividend Ladder covers Chubb Corporation (CB). I know it’s a dividend aristocrats but sales growth are close to… nothing over 10 years. I’m not convinced it’s the best investment at the moment. But that’s my 2 cents.

    Dividend Mantra brings the topic of ethic while investing. There is definitely a large spectrum to ethic for anything and investing is no different. It’s pretty obvious when you talk about cigarette makers but is it the same thing with Coca-Cola and MikeyD selling junk food? Or what about Wal-Mart paying their employees minimal wages? I don’t know where the line stops. I guess it stops when you can sleep at night with your choices!

    Dividend Earner brings an interesting strategy on the table for Canadian Investors; why not buying Canadian dividend stocks in US to receive US money?  It’s a great way to protect your money from the US dollar, never thought of that!

    Bert from Dividend Diplomats analyses Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM). For those who don’t know, ADM process oilseeds, corn, wheat and cocoa and manufacture different kind of vegetable oil. Good valuation, payout ratio under control and an growing dividend. Not to mention they are in a good industry.

    Dividend Hawk talks about Kraft being bought by the same group as Heinz (Huh& Ketchup on my Kraft Dinner??).  I’ve looked at Kraft a while back ago and didn’t find it interesting from a dividend investors perspective, I’ve must have missed something!

    Passive Income Pursuit continues his series about plans for financial independence. I’m part of his 11% who will reach financial independence in the next 1-5 years…. But that’s because I’ll sell everything I own!


    A Special Mention To….

    Daniel Norris! He’s a multimillionaire baseball player who lives in a VW camper! His story is truly amazing and inspiring. It’s all about non-confirmity and living by your own rules. I’m now saying everybody should live in a camper, but everybody should live the way they want and enjoy life 100% regardless of people’s judgement.


    This will be a busy weekend! My daughter has her fantasy skating show and my son is playing 2 soccer games!

    I hope you will enjoy your weekend!



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  • Wow… that was a BAD week… or should I say a bad two weeks! I came back from vacation on March 2nd, fully energized with my brain ready to explode with plenty of ideas. Then, two days later, I found my two feet in two inches of water in my fully finished basement. Needless to say that I’ve spent more time in my basement than on my computer since then!

    But I’m finally back and this is behind me. After all, I just wrote a post about perseverance! In the good news department, my portfolio is still showing +10% after almost three month on the market beating by far both US and Canadian market. I also kept working out and I now weight 180lbs (from 198 lbs on Jan 1st). I’m now looking to pass the psychological bar of 180lbs next week and head toward 170lbs before summer. I never weighted less than 175lbs in the past ten years so it is pretty exciting!

    Before I left for vacation, I started 6 Days to Dividend Growth Investing. This is a series of 6 articles to help you start your portfolio. I hope you enjoy the series so far!

    Here’s what I read this week:


    Dividend Engineer bought Chevron (CVX). I got rid of CVX last year but it was more because I thought I could make more money with other plays than I didn’t like CVX. Right now, CVX pays a 4% dividend yield, that’s pretty neat!

    Dividend Growth Journey bought Disney (DIS). If investors could only stop looking at the dividend yield and look at the big picture, they would understand that DIS is one of the best pick right now. Disney is up by 219% since the past 5 years and the trend is just a direct line to the sky. I’m rarely that optimistic for a stock, but this one is different.

    Dividend life lists 7 consumer stocks. I discovered Diageo (DEO). They sell famous alcoholic spirit brand such as Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Baileys and Guinness. Great diversification (both product wise and geographic), great dividend yield (over 3%) but not cheap (PE closed to 25).

    Dividend Growth Investor looks at Air Products & Chemicals (APD). It was probably a good buy at one point in time but right now, dividend yield is low and PE ratio is high. Not sure there is growth to come for this company.  The easy money has been made last year with this one.

    Dividend Mantra bought more of ScotiaBank (BNS). Good pick, but I can tell you in advance that I just sold my position in BNS to buy something else. More on that in the upcoming weeks… hehehe.

    Dividend Diplomats (Lanny) has a cigarette problems… within his holding! I don’t think I would hold any company in this sector ever. I think there are plenty of other industries that can do well so I don’t have to buy share from a company I would never buy any products!

    Dividend Elephant discusses the joy and burden of living in a central European country. I’ve spent 7 months in Europe and visited his country (Austria) where I fell in love with Salzburg (this is where I bought my wife’s engagement ring!). It brought up some great memories!

    Passive Income Pursuit writes about plans for financial independence. I’ve been working very hard on mine so this post definitely resonated with me. He seems he is stuck with a similar dilemma: keeping a demanding but well paid job or dropping his paycheck and gain more free time.

    Finally, I’ve also found a new site for Canadian Reits news along with a filter. It’s called Reit Report.

    A Special Mention To….

    Dividend Developer compares Franklin Resources (BEN) vs T. Rowe Price (TROW). He definitely wrote a monster post to compare both companies. If you are looking to buy a financial stock in the US, this is the post to read this weekend!


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  • Yahoo! This is my last day at work! We rented a vacation property for next week and we are leaving tomorrow! It will be a great timing for me as the past two months have been quite busy! We built monthly dividend portfolios for our membership sites (more on that later on) and we also bought another site (more on that also later on ;-) ). But for now, let’s take a look at what you should read this weekend:


    From The Dividend Guy Blog:

    I wrote two articles this week. The first one was more about a personal topic; I did my “financial freedom chronology” to illustrate how you can go from one end of the spectrum to another with a few different choices.

    The second article is a review of 4 stocks to hold in your portfolio. I hold two of them already and one of them is a true gem, I’ll let you discover it!

    Interesting reads:

    Writing your Own Reality is following up on my questions! He clearly explains how he intends to achieve his aggressive goals in 2015. I really connected to this post as I’m in  a similar situation with kick-ass goals to reach and a solid plan to make them happen.

    DivHut looks at the waste management industry. It’s not really my cup of tea as growth potential doesn’t seem incredible but as Div Hut mentioned, it is clearly a recession proof industry.

    Deere & Company stock analysis at My Dividend Growth. I really like Caterpillar (CAT) for about the same reason I could like DE. If you are looking at a strong company selling high quality product, DE should be on your watch list.

    Dividend Yield presents 3 unbelievable dividend champions. From the list, I would consider T. Rowe Price Group (TROW) even though the yield is not super impressive (2.09%).

    Passive Income Earner published the Canadian Aristocrats List. It’s a great start to pick strong dividend stocks. However, be careful; they are not all-star dividend growth stocks.

    Sure Dividend looks at IBM 4 years after Buffett’s investment.  IBM has greatly underperformed the market since Berkshire Hathaway purchased 11G$ of shares in November 2011. IBM is -14.15% and the S&P 500 is up by 67.01%. A proof you are not always right, even when your name is Buffett!

    On a more philosophic trend, Dividend Mantra talks about freedom. I like those posts as they are situated at the complete opposite of my own perception of freedom. Therefore, it helps opening my mind to other opinions. I think we should all listen to others to open our mind.

    As the FED will surely increase its rate toward the end of 2015, Dividend Ladder explains what happens to dividend stocks when the interest rate rises. In short; rising rates equals stronger economy. Can it be bad for your portfolio?

    Pollies Dividend answers another interesting section about the impact of a strong US dollar on his portfolio. I personally like when the US dollar rises as 65% of my portfolio is invested in US stocks! Hehehe.

    A Special Mention too…

    Dividend engineering writes about his buying process in 4 steps. You can’t expect less from an engineer, right? Hahaha! More seriously, I think this is a topic that is not enough cover by dividend bloggers. We all talk about our recent purchase or make individual stock analysis. Rarely, we put the focus on how to manage a complete portfolio and when or why we buy a stock. I’ll never repeat it enough; you must have a clear and defined investing process. This is the only way you can make money over time with the market!


    That’s it for this week!

    I’ll hit a well-deserved one week vacation but I have post scheduled next week. However, I won’t publish dividend reads next Friday.


    Enjoy the weekend!



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