Dividend Reads for The Weekend

As you read these lines, I’m again getting used to life in the RV! I’m enjoying a couple days off with family, but still learning A LOT! Last weekend at Lake Brome showed us we still had lots of technical knowledge missing in order to be prepared for our one-year trip (it’s unbelievable how parking in a very slight downhill can get us all dizzy!). I’ll surely get back with more stories to share on that matter. 😉

Between the soccer tournament and the small vacations, I still wrote:

Supremex – Is the Money In the Envelope? – This post was in response to a reader’s message. This small cap company has an interesting yield, but I don’t see how it can surge for more.

My Summer Investment To Do List – Us, living in the North, are often looking at summer as a relief. Market seems too, in a way. However, it is never time for a portfolio vacations! I’ve shared in this post what you can do during quiet times to keep rocking it!


Interesting Reads:

I’m apparently required to light up a fire so I’ll make this list short and sweet (What a primitive yet powerful feeling it is to light up a fire!)! Still take some time to read some – or all – as I’ve enjoyed each one of them.

Running on Thin Ice @DividendDiplomats – Been there, but not done yet!

Genuine Parts Co. – Dividend Fact Sheet @DividendEngineering

Recent Buy @MyDividendGrowth – Ryan bought the popular TROW

We Can’t Afford It Remains Taboo @MyOwnAdvisor – So true! Yet it all depends on how you say it!

Harley-Davidson: Dividend Stock Analysis @Divgro – Ferdis made a nice analysis of it on Seeking Alpha

Wal-Mart (WMT) – Dividend Stock Analysis for 2015 @DividendGrowthInvestor

Recent Buy @DividendMantra – Jason bought Hershey and explains why

Is Apple a Great Dividend Pick @SureDividend – You already know my answer, but worth checking it out! 😉

Dividend Growth vs Dividend Income @DividendEarner

Recent Buy – Travelers (TRV) @CaptainDividend


Enjoy your weekend, can’t wait to get back with some more!