Dividend Reads for the Weekend

I had a blast at my son’s soccer game yesterday! I was proud as a coach but also as a father. My boy truly was the player of the game. He managed to block the other team’s best player during a crucial timing and we won! I wish we can find a way for him to continue playing during the RV trip. Costa Rica sounds like a nice place for such a sport! 😉

On the blog side, I made a stock battle between the four major Canadian telecom companies. It is still time to read it to know the winner. 😉

Then I wrote The Past 5 Years is Blinding Dividend Growth Investors. Is the recent excitement towards many companies real or is it some mistaken valuation? Some changes are required in the next months in order to pick real strong stocks.

Last but not least, I’ve made a Proctor & Gamble stock analysis on Seeking Alpha. Is it still a high-quality stock for any dividend investor?


Interesting Reads

Bert at Dividend Diplomats is returning to his previous job. Another story based on passion. Congrats Bert!

Dividend Digger shared his July 2015 Dividends. What I like about this post is that Ace takes the opportunity to share pieces of his personal life. Always interesting to know the person behind the blog better.

Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement bought three Canadian financials. While I find his picks interesting (especially Scotia Bank), I must admit my last analysis on the five big Canadian banks proved me there are better opportunities in this sector.

Dividend Developper shared his Recent Buy. This post is yet another proof that different ideas can lead to many great results! I would have picked other companies from his list, but it is always fun to see what other paths people take.

Whole Foods Market experienced a fall lately. All About Interest thought it was good timing to buy!

Baxter and Baxalta have been one of the main topics this week. Both Dividend Growth Investor and Passive Income Pursuit shared their thoughts about them. Interesting to read!

Dividend Hawk goes over a classic with Emerson Electric.

Dividend Mantra is a man of good habits! He shared with us his August Watch List. I especially like CAT from his list.

Another complete post for Ben at Sure Dividend with United Technologies is undervalued Despite 12.5% Total Return Potential.


And A Special Mention To…

Dividend Earner and his analysis on Saputo. I usually like to share some inspirational post in this section but Dividend Earner asks a good question: Is the stock a core holding? I also always enjoy when Canadian bloggers highlight great Canadian companies that has success all around the world.


Getting ready for the big soccer tournament this weekend! Hope you enjoy yours as well. :-)