My fellow blogger Dan Mac at Dividend Growth Stock Investing has just launched his first book on Kindle!


    I was lucky enough to get a free copy (and Ive forwarded the link to my newsletter subscribers on Monday so a bunch of my readers got it for free as well!) so I thought it would be a good idea to get the word out. You can buy the Top 35 Dividend Growth Stocks book for only $3!


    1 Book – 2 Parts – 35 Stocks


    Dan’s book is separated in two parts. The first part of this book talks about dividend growth investing theory and the metrics he uses personally to pick his stocks. Overall, this part is pretty straight forward and easy to understand if you have already started investing.


    I agree with Dan’s investment thesis and the metrics he uses to find dividend growth stocks are pretty similar to what I use (with only a few differences here and there). After all, every dividend investor has their own way to look at a stock and this is what makes all our blogs interesting!


    I don’t know if you are like me but I went through the first part in a hurry in order to get to the top 35 stock picks he suggests. Part two of his book shows 35 stocks with dividend growth potential. You can find a few metrics along with a resume of each company. The part I like the most in these analyses was the investment thesis explained for each stock. Dan is basically giving you a reason to buy each of these stocks.


    A Few Things Missing in This Book


    I would have liked to have a little bit more info on the potential downside of each stock pick. I think that behind each reason to buy a company, there is also a reason to avoid buying it. It could be potential competition, economic slowdown, new projects not working as anticipated, etc. Having more info on potential risks could be interesting.


    The second thing I would like to see now is the tracking of his 35 stocks. I don’t know how long he has been tracking them, but it would be interesting to see how they do in the future. After all, we are all investing our money to make more, right? Therefore, the point is to know if these selections will beat a benchmark.


    I didn’t track the picks in my small eBook for 2013, but I’m following my results live each month on this blog so you can see if I’m picking stocks based on my 8yr old’s advice or if I truly analyze them and perform research before writing my book. I hope Dan will do the same on his blog in a few months, this will be interesting!


    Is It Worth Your $3? Are You Really Asking?


    The book is now for sale on Amazon for the small price of $3. Don’t think it’s not worth it because he didn’t charge much for it. I’m selling my own Best 2013 stock picks for $2.99 and I’ve put a lot of work on it. The point is you get rewarded as an author over the volume you sell, not the price per unit sold!


    So $3 for 35 stocks picks definitely worth it in my opinion. You will get a great list of stocks to add to your watch list as Dan already did the hard work for you. Between you & I, you don’t have much to lose by purchasing the book ;-).


    More seriously, I think it’s truly worth your time and your bucks. For the price of a coffee, you will get enough material to start hunting for new stocks. Mind you, he is covering 100% US stocks only. I know that several of my readers are Canadian, so it’s good to know that you won’t be finding any good places to put your loonies in this book ;-).


    Have you read the Top 35 Dividend Growth Stocks by Dan Mac? Tell me if you like it!



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    Here’s my own selection of dividend stocks for 2013. Those stocks have been selected because they are showing strong financial metrics for the past five years and are able to grow their dividend in 2013. They are not stock recommendation; it’s just the product of my own research. Please do your own research or seek professional advices from a broker or a financial advisor before buying any dividend stocks.

    best 2013 dividend stocksWhat to Expect From Best 2013 Dividend Stocks


    When you read a title such as “Best 2013 Dividend Stocks” you probably think that I’m pulling out the top 20 American and the top 10 Canadian dividend stocks that will outperform the overall stock market. The goal is obviously to beat the indexes but I’m also focusing on the global results of these stocks.


    I wanted to write a book about stocks that, combined together, could generate an interesting result as a whole. I have always found as an investor, pulling the trigger and buying a single stock was easy. Building a strong portfolio where stocks could balance themselves out during different markets (bullish or bearish, stable or volatile) is quite a challenge. This is the reason why I didn’t only focus on the number or on a specific aspect (growth potential, high dividend yield, etc). I tried to put a combination of companies that could weather most economic situations.


    This means that you will find stocks that should outperform the stock market if we are bullish and some others will outperform if we enter a bear market too. Some companies will show awesome sales growth and you can expect both dividends and stock values to go up. Others will show mature business models with strong dividend growth habits. But don’t get too excited with the potential of stock appreciation.


    My previous book (Best 2012 Dividend Stocks) was built the same way and showed a very interesting result as a whole while some stocks picked individually crushed the stock market or plummeted due to a very bad year.


    Best Dividend Growth Stocks for 2013 – Stock Picking Methodology


    There is nothing easier than clicking on the “buy” button of your brokerage account page. The problem is what to buy and when to buy it. The other problem investors face is the lack of time to analyze the thousands of stocks available. I guess this is why stock screeners were invented. Then again, one must know how to use them correctly. Prior to writing this book, I used the technique described in my new book; Dividend Growth: Freedom through Passive Income. Here are a few ratios I looked at:

    • Dividend yield over 3%
    • 5 year dividend growth positive
    • Dividend payout ratio under 75%
    • Return on equity (ROE) over 10%
    • 5 year annual income growth rate positive
    • Current price / earnings ratio (PE) under 20


    Then, I used other tools mentioned in my book to pull out the “Top 20” US Dividend Stocks and the “Top 10” Canadian Dividend Stocks. Last year, my US picks underperformed the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG) by 1.47% (as at December 10h, dividend payout included). This was due to a single stock (RadioShack – RSH). If you remove this stock, I  outperformed the index by 3.23%. As for the Canadian stock picks, I’m proud to tell you that they have outperformed the index by 8.32% (The iShares Dow Jones Canadian Selected Dividend Index Fund (XDV)). As you can see, my investment process is paying its share of dividends!


    What Are The Best 2013 Dividend Stocks?

    Here’s the list of my 20 US stock picks and 10 Canadian stocks for 2013:


    US Dividend Growth Stocks:

    Abbott Laboratories – ABT

    Autoliv – ALV

    CA Inc. – CA

    Campbell Soup – CPB

    Chesapeake Utilities – CPK

    Chevron Corp – CVX

    Darden Restaurants – DRI

    General Mills – GIS

    Heinz – HNZ

    Genuine Parts – GPC

    Intel – INTC

    Johnson & Johnson – JNJ

    Kellogg – K

    Kimberly-Clark – KMB

    Mattel – MAT

    McDonald’s – MCD

    Microsoft – MSFT

    Procter & Gamble – PG

    Safeway – SWY

    Seagate Technology – STX

    Walgreens – WAG

    Western Union – WU

    Wisconsin Energy – WE



    Canadian Dividend Growth Stocks:

    Andrew Peller – ADW.A

    Black Diamond Group – BDI

    Calian Technologies – CTY

    Emera – EMA

    Evertz Technologies – ET

    National Bank – NA

    Rogers Communications –RCI.B

    Power Corporation – POW

    Royal Bank – RY

    Telus – T

    Download Your Copy For Free Until January 5th!


    You can download your copy for free for the next five days. After January 5th, the eBook will still be available at the low price of $2.99. I want the maximum of people to benefit from it ;-).


    best 2013 dividend stocks



    disclaimer: I hold CVX, INTC, JNJ, STX, NA & T

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    Dividend investors were treated well in 2012 with the release of two great dividend books! You probably know that I published my second book this year; Dividend Growth, but there is another dividend blogger who published his book too. Matt Alden from The Dividend Monk (a very good blog to follow by the way) has released The Dividend Toolkit; How To Efficiently Analyse Dividend Stocks.




    About Matt Alden


    Matt is part of the “DIY engineer investors” group. I know several engineers and they all seem very interested in the stock market. I guess it’s just another playground for them to use their 6th sense of analysis developed during their engineering studies. Like many others engineers, Matt is also doing well with his own portfolio.


    His blog has been around for a while and it’s known for his good dividend stock analyses along with a great newsletter. Basically, if you like my blog, you’ll like his for sure! While I could say that the unique characteristic of my blog is the added humor & creativity in my articles, I can say that Matt’s unique characteristic is definitely his in-depth analysis style. This is also something you find in his book.


    The Dividend Toolkit – What’s in It For You?


    This is also an advanced dividend investor book so if you don’t already have an investor background, I don’t think this should be your first book. The first 60 pages are to introduce you to the stock market and the concept of dividend growth investing. You may skip these pages if you are a solid investor already or want to read them twice if you are a newbie. However, once the “book starts”, it gets down to some real good advice on portfolio management. For example, he makes a very good point of highlighting the differences between dividend investing and index investing.


    Matt’s book provides a great guide to selecting strong dividend growth stocks and provides an excel spreadsheet for further analysis. He explains how to use the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis where a company’s value should equal the sum of all future free cash flow. He built 2 great spreadsheets to support you in your investing process so you don’t have to knock your head on the wall to build them yourself:


    Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis Spreadsheet:

    9-Matrix Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Tool

    15-Matrix Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Tool


    Dividend Discount Model (DDM) Spreadsheet:

    9-Matrix Dividend Discount Model Tool

    15-Matrix Dividend Discount Model Tool


    Finally, he has a great segment about REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships) both investment vehicles provide tax advantages.


    Overall, I think the Dividend Toolkit is a great resource for any dividend investor, you can get more info on Matt’s blog (just click on the book image):


    Disclaimer: I am not paid or making any money if you buy his book from my site. I wrote this review because Matt has a great blog and a great book to offer. I hope you will enjoy it!

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