• I’ve started this “tradition” on my blog in 2012. The goal is to pick 20 US and 10 CDN dividend stocks that I think will outperform their peers. This is the reason why I use VIG and XDV as my benchmarks. I keep track of my results for accountability purposes. I find that too many analysts and blogs just drop the ball on their picks when they are not that great. By posting monthly results, I have no other choice but to face my performance and explain it. You can look at my previous picks and returns:


    Best Dividend Stock Picks 2012 (-1.47% vs VIG (US dividend ETF), + 8.32% vs XDV (CDN dividend ETF)

    Best Dividend Stock Picks 2013 (+11.07% vs VIG, + 0.77% vs XDV)

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    2014 book cover










    Top US Dividend Picks 5.18% (vs VIG at 2.66%)

    best us dividend stocks

    I looked at my first update of the year and my portfolio showed -4.03% while the VIG was at -5.01%. It is interesting to see that only four months later, the stock market has taken a whole new direction and my picks did almost 10% (9.21%) in such a short period.


    Recently, Apple (AAPL) has been put on a strong uptrend. The stock wasn’t going anywhere until it issues its latest financial results at the end of April. Sales were surprising and Apple started to show some growth potential. The stock gained about $100 in 30 days and is now among the best performers in my picks.

    ycharts_chart (66)


    Lorillard (LO) shows a similar pattern with +10.85% within the past three months. They are my “later bloomers” for this year.


    ycharts_chart (67)

    I’ve finally decided to not drop the ball on Mattel (MAT). I almost pulled the trigger and sold it but I decided to give it another chance. Since their very bad results in February, the stock is up by 7%. There might be a chance of recovering more after summer if results are better than expected. Since there aren’t much expectation around the company, it shouldn’t be that complicated!


    ycharts_chart (68)


    Top Canadian Dividend Stocks + 3.36% (vs XDV at 3.11%)

    best canadian stocks

    Black Diamond Group (BDI), Gluskin Sheff (GS) and Telus (T) keep their big winners position since the beginning of the year. Note that GS jumped by 10% in June (which is not reported in this chart) after the announcement of the acquisition of Blair Franklin Asset Management.


    Surprisingly, Canadian banks rocked with the latest quarterly report bringing back ScotiaBank (BNS) and Royal Bank (RY) up again. This is good news for the upcoming months!


    I’m pretty much in line with my benchmark since the beginning of the year struggling to seriously put my picks ahead of my benchmark. Rogers (RCI.B) and the North West Company are still dragging way behind. If one stock could start to pick up, I’ll be in a better position to beat my benchmark at the end of the year!


    Dividend Yield
    Payout Ratio
    Ex-Dvd Date
    CPGCrescent Point Energy Corp44.456.21746.546/27/2014
    COSCanadian Oil Sands Ltd22.816.1481.298/22/2014
    PWTPenn West Petroleum Ltd10.075.56N/A6/26/2014
    TATransAlta Corp135.54N/A8/29/2014
    BCEBCE Inc49.844.9691.5206/12/2014
    ERFEnerplus Corp24.684.38452.0306/03/2014
    NANational Bank of Canada45.54.2238.366/24/2014
    RCI/BRogers Communications Inc43.824.1853.6906/11/2014
    CMCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/Canada95.664.1844.496/25/2014
    BMOBank of Montreal76.284.0946.867/30/2014
    SJR/BShaw Communications Inc26.994.0861.5806/11/2014
    PPLPembina Pipeline Corp42.814.06149.146/25/2014
    POWPower Corp of Canada29.183.9854.6306/05/2014
    FTSFortis Inc/Canada32.543.9378.388/13/2014
    SLFSun Life Financial Inc36.73.9250.868/25/2014
    POTPotash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc39.353.8664.4207/09/2014
    ARXARC Resources Ltd31.253.84155.386/26/2014
    TRIThomson Reuters Corp37.593.83848.038/22/2014
    TRPTransCanada Corp50.483.876.816/26/2014
    RYRoyal Bank of Canada74.643.845.27/22/2014
    TCK/BTeck Resources Ltd24.173.7253.906/12/2014
    TTELUS Corp40.953.7167.2606/06/2014
    BNSBank of Nova Scotia69.633.6846.066/27/2014
    TDToronto-Dominion Bank/The53.763.546.7207/07/2014
    AGUAgrium Inc97.363.3434.016/26/2014
    CVECenovus Energy Inc32.273.3110.5706/11/2014
    HSEHusky Energy Inc36.573.2864.9606/03/2014
    BBD/BBombardier Inc3.692.7532.5206/11/2014
    ENBEnbridge Inc51.532.72234.168/13/2014
    MFCManulife Financial Corp19.852.6231.968/15/2014
    TLMTalisman Energy Inc11.22.61N/A06/11/2014
    GGoldcorp Inc25.522.56N/A6/17/2014
    SUSuncor Energy Inc41.732.228.0206/02/2014
    THITim Hortons Inc58.722.1836.88/21/2014
    LLoblaw Cos Ltd45.72.1441.9406/11/2014
    WNGeorge Weston Ltd792.1336.2506/11/2014
    CNQCanadian Natural Resources Ltd44.132.0427.5806/11/2014
    YRIYamana Gold Inc8.092.01N/A6/26/2014
    CTC/ACanadian Tire Corp Ltd104.591.9121.387/29/2014
    CCOCameco Corp21.681.8549.666/26/2014
    SNCSNC-Lavalin Group Inc52.381.83389.788/15/2014
    MRUMetro Inc66.971.7912.948/25/2014
    SAPSaputo Inc58.631.5733.5407/10/2014
    CNRCanadian National Railway Co65.761.5227.7206/05/2014
    BAM/ABrookfield Asset Management Inc46.61.4918.418/27/2014
    MGMagna International Inc110.941.4918.198/27/2014
    SLWSilver Wheaton Corp22.521.3542.619/17/2014
    ABXBarrick Gold Corp17.61.24N/A8/27/2014
    ECAEncana Corp25.251.2209.3206/11/2014
    AEMAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd32.991.05N/A8/29/2014
    IMOImperial Oil Ltd53.390.9714.6706/02/2014
    FMFirst Quantum Minerals Ltd22.870.8121.138/27/2014
    GILGildan Activewear Inc59.030.813.6608/12/2014
    CPCanadian Pacific Railway Ltd181.480.7728.116/25/2014
    ELDEldorado Gold Corp6.220.32N/A08/12/2014
    VRXValeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc142.34N/AN/AN/A
    KKinross Gold Corp4.08N/AN/A9/17/2014
    BBBlackBerry Ltd8.27N/AN/AN/A
    CCTCatamaran Corp47.77N/A0N/A
    GIB/ACGI Group Inc36.9N/A0N/A


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    As I wasn’t busy enough, I’ve decided to launch another blog! I added a free blog section to my dividend investing platform Dividend Stocks Rock. What’s the difference between The Dividend Guy Blog and DSR Blog? The length! I was looking for a place where I could write in-depth articles (about 2,000 words each). Check out my first one: My Dividend Growth Model Fully Explained


    Here what is interesting to read this Weekend:


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    One of the main reasons why the stock market has rebounded from 2008 so quickly (the S&P500 is +111% from Jan 1st 2009 to Jan 1st 2014) is because the FED was quick to relieve the pressure on US consumers. The Gov’t helped massively many companies in the auto and financial industries. They didn’t want to see the system collapse and rescued its heart so it can continue to pump blood (money) through the system.


    But buyouts weren’t enough to comfort the Street. Since 71% of the US GDP is driven by the American consumer, the FED had to dive into a series of quantitative easing methods (read more about it here) to maintain rates on the floor artificially. Since it doesn’t cost anything to borrow money (considering inflation), it was the right time for both companies and consumers to A) clean up their balance sheets and B) start over with increased spending.


    We really saw this phenomenon in two phases. From 2009 to 2012, consumers were paying off their debts and increasing their savings while companies were doing exactly the same thing. In 2013, everybody found themselves sitting on piles of cash and started to spend. This is a simplistic explanation of the economic environment for the past four years, but I’m not too far from the truth either.


    But Now the Party is Over and QE is Dead


    At the beginning of the year, it has become an obvious truth that the FED will stop injecting money into the system (currently QE3) since the economy is showing signs of constant progress. For some time, they have discussed the possibility of raising rates in 2015 once the unemployment rate hits 6.5%. Now that the latest data shows an unemployment rate of 6.3%, everything is pointing towards the same conclusion: Quantitative Easing is Dead and Rates are Going up.


    Analysts always want the perfect condition to continue trading: lots of liquidity and low rates to borrow. This is why the market might stagnate for a few months upon the rumors of rising interest rates. But it doesn’t mean you should leave the dance floor, not right now anyways.


    I actually think it’s a good thing to see rates head upward. I’m a little bit conventional with my investments and don’t like when things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. The Gov’t buying bonds to maintain rates artificially low is against the laws of nature and I don’t want to know what is going to happen if we keep doing that. After all, the money used for Quantitative Easing programs will have to be reimbursed one day, so we better stop while we can.


    This might lead to a couple of rough months on the market and it will be the perfect time to buy more of these amazing companies. Because the other part of the equation is still there: companies are still sitting on piles of cash and this means more dividends for you! Well, that’s what I think anyway, what do you think?

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