“A Pure Masterclass to Build a Dividend Growth Portfolio”


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Dividend Growth eBook

3 Major Concerns Raised by my Readers

3 Solutions Found To Improve Your Returns


#1 Invest In Foreign Stocks Without Paying Tons of Taxes


#2 Find Triggers To Buy And Sell Stocks and Make Money Out of it!


#3 Generate Impressive Dividend Growth by Managing Your Portfolio as a Whole



Answering These 3 Concerns, I Wrote This Book

Dividend Growth: Freedom Through Passive Income

Dividend Growth eBook

And I’ve Written 2 Versions and Tailored it for Both Americans and Canadians!




What’s Inside?


The Most Amazing Dividend Investing Content Ever Written

Custom Investing Strategies

Investing in Foreign Stocks Without Paying Useless Taxes

Use the Right Triggers to Buy and Sell Stocks

Access to REAL Portfolio Model Example


Still Curious?  Take a Look at The Table of Content

 (Canadian Version Example)

dividend growth ebook Table of Content

Did You Know Dividends Represent 58% of the Stock Market Return?

Over the past 40 years, 58% of the stock market return was produced by dividends. Dividend stocks maintain a more stable value over time (meaning less stress for investors) while producing a constant cash flow that is more than sufficient to cover the inflation rate.

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Most Importantly

I’m not a financial guru, but I do have extensive experience investing.

You won’t get stock recommendations but you will get stocks on my radar list.

You won’t learn how to make money on the stock market, but you will learn how to invest carefully.

You won’t become a tax expert, but you will understand the implication of holding Canadian dividend stocks in your different types of accounts.

Finally, you’ll get a series of quotations from Oscar Wild and a few other celebrities (because I find them funny)!


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Dividend Growth eBook

Dividend Growth eBook