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WOOHOO! This Monday is not like the other Mondays… we are Xmas Eve! I’m so excited because tonight, in fact, tomorrow morning ;-), my kids will open their gift and they will find… Disney World tickets! We are leaving on January 2nd for 10 days! I’m super excited!


I won’t be writing for the next week since you will probably celebrating with your family and I’ll do the same on my side. But you also might want to relax and read some good articles from time to time. This is why I thought of putting together The Best of The Dividend Guy for 2012. This year was very important for my blog as I’ve achieved several milestones:


The Dividend Guy Blog in 2012 is:


479,449 visitors

821,706 articles read

46% Canadian, 38% American and 1 guy from Tonga reading it

5,564 awesome newsletter subscribers

24,786 downloads of Dividend Investing

4,300 downloads of 2012 Best Dividend Stocks (PSSST! 2013 Best Dividend Stocks is Going Live on January 1st!)

411 copies of Dividend Growth Sold (thx for your support!)


The Dividend Guy Blog Sister Sites:

I’ve also created several “mini-site” feeding or getting fed by The Dividend Guy Blog:

Dividend Stock Analysis: Covering all dividend stock analyses across the web and compiling them into 1 single site!

Canadian Dividend Stock: A review of more than 100 Canadian Stocks

Canadian REIT: Add yield and stability with REITs

What is Dividend: The perfect place to start if you are a beginner investor


I’ve put the “best posts” by categories so it’s easier to search through.


Special Mention

Here’s a few great article in my opinion that you should read before anything else.

#1 This is How You Should Invest Your Next 10K

#2  6 Keys Dividend Growth Ratios

#3 When Do You Sell When You Make Money?

#4 High Yield Dividend Stocks

#5 Dividend Aristocrats


Most Read

Those articles has been the most popular throughout 2012. 2 of them have not been written this year thought J

#1 Best Canadian Stocks for 2012 (beating the index by more than 6%!)

#2 Top 25 Websites for Stock Research (this is my complete reference to get info when I do a stock analysis)

#3 My Dividend Holdings (I’ve just updated my portfolio so you can see which trade I’m making!)

#4 Top Canadian REITs for 2012 (you never get enough of high yield stocks in your portfolio!)

#5 Best 2012 Dividend Stocks (a compilation of both US and Canadian dividend growth stocks)


Most Commented

Getting comments on an investing blog is quite a challenge so I think it’s worth highlighting the articles that got the most comments in 2012!

#1 My Dividend Growth book Launch post!

#2 A 100% Dividend Stock Portfolio is a Safe Portfolio

#3 3 Dividend Traps You Must Avoid


#4 The Next Bubble is in Canada and it Will Affect Everybody

#5 Grow Your Stocks with $0




I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year with high yield and dividend growth 😉


I’ll be coming back on December 31st with the review of my Best 2012 Dividend Stock picks and will start the year with the launch of the Best 2013 Dividend Stocks on January 1st!





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    Your kids will be so ecstatic about Disney World. Even I get excited about Disney World. Haha.. Awesome stats. Looks like it was a great year for your blog indeed. Looking forward to more from you next year. Merry Christmas and have fun on your vacation!


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